Friday 11 March 2022


Delighted to announce that the threat of housing development that hung over the Mid has been lifted. Council leader Andrew Morgan visited the Mid Rhondda Athletic Field on Wednesday 2nd March and announced that no housing development would take place. It will instead remain in council control with a view to restoring it to something like its former glory - hopefully incorporating a heritage trail around the perimeter.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Andrew Morgan and members of Friends of the Mid and all those within the community who supported our campaign by bringing the field and its unique history and heritage to the attention of a a wider audience. Friends of the Mid will continue to work to try and raise a wider awareness of the history of this unique place.
Our only regret is that Paul is not here to share it with us.

Reactions From Supporters:

Paul would be absolutely delighted. To preserve this wonderful ground for the community meant a lot to him. As it did to me and our daughter. Lovely news !! xx"  Susan Berry

"Wonderful news, you and Paul and your team worked so hard for this, Phil. Congratulations on the outcome. One small slice of history and a great amenity saved for future generations." Catrin Collier.

"Great news. Well done to all involved. Such an important site and so much potential." Heledd Fychan MS/AS

" Hi Phil, Congratulations to you and your team on what sounds like a great outcome.  I must admit that I am a little surprised as I do not have much confidence in the decisions of local councils.  Thankfully on this occasion they seem to have got it right and I hope that they make a longterm commitment to keeping The Mid for the community. I was saddened by your news of Paul Nagle. I didn’t know Paul but anyone who was able to stand between the try line and John Bevan was made of the right stuff." Maurice Richards

"You and the other leaders of the Campaign have been splendidly persistent in taking the cause forward, and the community’s victory is yours." Dr John Geraint Roberts

"Well done Phil , you and Paul (RIP) have made this possible with your hard work , lets hope that RCT will honour this and leave the Mid for the people of Tonypandy and the Rhondda to enjoy as one of the only green spaces left , great news Phil." Dennis Stallard

" Phil and everyone concerned in this protest, it is a victory for the community. What a shame that such a body did not exist in the years that the Power House at Llwynypia descended into decline. It is to be hoped that the local authority will now recognise that Rhondda has a domestic need, not bland, impersonal projects that do little for the borough." Bill Richards

"That’s fantastic news. It is such a pity that Paul didn’t live to see the outcome. Perhaps as a tribute to Paul a commemorative bench at the site in honour of him once the area has been restored?" Cheryl Morgan

"Wonderful news, well done to everyone for your hard work ,To keep our mid Rhondda field for people to enjoy." Sandra Gaylard

"Brilliant news and well done all who were involved. Have some great memories of that place and would love to see it restored and used more for what it was meant for." Paul Stevens

"It is so good to know that the powers to be …. Listen to the people …. Well done All for your dedication to this. " Jan Evans

"Well done all, I spent many a happy hour, Over the years, Playing football, Cricket. Etc. On "The Mid". It great to see, People power win for once." Ian Williams

"Phenomenal job! Well done everyone, more memories of fun and laughter in the years to come with our children playing over the Field . At the bottom of Ely Street . Lesley Galliford

"Amazing news!!! Thank you for all of your hard work to protect it for the community! We and our dogs are so grateful." Sian Elson

"Well done to “The Friends of the Mid”, a little bitter sweet that the news has come after losing one of the original founders Paul Nagle after working so hard in conjunction with Phil Rowlands." Neill Wilcox

"Great news great memories on t h at field through school sports and I am 81yrs then my youngest son whose 42yrs watched him many times in that field well done." Mary Thomas

"Great news I played on Mid as a young Hendrecafn boy and then representing Tonypandy Grammar School in rugby this is now an opportunity to develop the land in a modern way for our local community." Gareth Richards

"Fantastic news. Well done, Neill Wilcox, John Charles and all the rest of the “Friends of the Mid” group." Steve Riddick

"Great news. I played hockey many times there, attended inter-school sports days, and of course regular games lessons." Helen Forder

"Took a girl on a date there once." Darren Lock - "Let's hope they don't find her when they cut the grass!" Wayne Thomas

"Brilliant work to save the cultural sporting history of The Rhondda. My heartiest congratulations to you all." Peter Brown

"Absolutely magnificent news. As someone who spent a huge amount of his childhood, enjoying this facility. I'd just like to say diolch yn fawr iawn to all the people who have worked so hard to win this battle. I salute you all you bloody legends!!" Mike Clarke

"We’ll done. You have all been amazing and unstoppable. Enjoy your success." Christine Dando

"Congratulations and THANK YOU to Phil Rowlands and the 'FRIENDS OF THE MID' for working tirelessly to ensure the Mid has been saved for future generations of our kids to enjoy. Without your dedication and commitment this would not have been possible." Mathew Rowlands

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