Thursday, 19 August 2021

The Clock is Ticking for the Mid Rhondda Athletic Field

 The Current Situation.

RCT have now opened a 'Window of Opportunity' that runs until 
9th September when interested parties, like ourselves, can bid for a long leasehold of the site. One of the options is for low density housing on one half of the field - the other half is not suitable for building. We believe this is the Council's preferred option. Friends of the Mid are opposed to any form of housing development.

Who Are 'Friends of the Mid'?

We are  a group of local people committed to preserving and developing the Mid-Rhondda Athletic Field for the whole community of Mid-Rhondda something we cannot do without your support and help. As a committee we meet via Zoom every Monday  to discuss the way forward. Anyone from Tonypandy is eligible and more than welcome to join. If you are interested contact Phil Rowlands at or 07584093448 - he will send a link to our Zoom meetings so you can meet us and become part of the group.

What Could WE Do?

Initially we are looking for volunteers prepared to make leaflet drops in their street or section of it - providing information regarding public meetings at the Central Club which we hope you will attend. This would make any distribution of information leaflets easier and quicker. Someone will be coming door to door with a petition stating you do not want houses built on the Mid. If you agree please sign. We can present this to our local Councillor Gareth Wyn Hughes.  Also if you have not already done so please complete our survey (below) and let us know what you would like to see happen. We have already received 244 responses and 240 were supportive offering many positive suggestions upon which we have based our initial plans.

Take the Survey and Make YOUR Views Known